Presidential Half Marathon

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Post by Teetime on Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:51 pm

Head Idiot wrote:
Teetime wrote:I don't think that guy died. I think if a man is alive, he did not die.

Words mean things.
If you are not breathing and don't have a pulse, are you not dead?

I meant to get back to you on this after tax season, HI. The new posts in this thread reminded me.

Here is the definition of death as accepted by docs and lawyers:

So if you don’t have a pulse and are not breathing PERMANENTLY, you are dead. Otherwise, you are faking it

Donald J. Trump, he is my President now........sad!

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Presidential Half Marathon - Page 2 Empty Re: Presidential Half Marathon

Post by lefty120 on Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:43 pm

8 half marathons
3 full stand alone marathons
8 sprint triathlons
8 Olympic distance triathlons
4 half iron triathlons
1 full Ironman

I just do these things so I can drink more beer, and I’m certainly not fast, just above average at starting and finishing things. I never thought about the health part of this until this past May when I did my most recent half iron in Florida. It was 80 and sunny during most of the run and I just decided to throttle down; it was really hot and I was seriously worried about not just finishing but living. When you’re younger you don’t think about that stuff as much. I’m 44 now and like many of us view life differently.


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