Saw a new reason to get ejected Friday

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Saw a new reason to get ejected Friday

Post by mc140 on Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:43 pm

First drive of game we have the ball 4 and 1 at their 32. As we line up the lb is barking stuff at our line, walks up and wave his hand at our guard. Our guard jumps and the defense starts celebrating. Of course the flag goes against the defense and their players are pissed. The nose guard takes the flag and throws it Shocked . He gets ejected.

Later in the game we have the ball in the red zone, run a kick out play and our fullback pancakes the end. The end gets up, take off his helmet and tries to fight our fullback. He wasn't technically ejected but they told their coach not to put him back in. That score made the game a running clock so it didn't really matter.


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Re: Saw a new reason to get ejected Friday

Post by general maximus on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:59 pm

What is going on these days is crazy.

To add to your post mc140. I saw something I have never seen in 20 years of football.

Late in the game I was watching on Saturday afternoon, the refs stop the game, make both teams take a knee when they come up to the line to run a play. The offense in in formation and the defense is lined up against them. The refs tell them to take a knee right there. Remaining standing was NOT optional. Then they call the coaches out to the field and have a chat with both of them about their teams "extra curricular"

I applaud the refs for this, however, it was WAY TOO late. They allowed some stupid stuff as the game went on. Regardless, the rest of the game went without incident. Prior to that, most of the plays had extra stuff going on and was very chippy to say the least. One team was getting bullied and they started to take exception to it. The team that was getting smoked was bad and you could see the erosion of discipline was making their already over matched team struggle.

The refs had to put up with a lot of crap from the home team fans and the visiting coach. I rarely advocate for a coach being tossed, but this one certainly would have earned it. He got one 15 yarder and easily could have gotten another 2 or 3. Heck, I was astonished they did not.

Those of you that play at stadiums with tracks around them, you do not know how close some of the fans are at other small school places. The refs there can hear everything the fans say. Both Good and Bad.

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