A New Look to the Crusaders

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A New Look to the Crusaders

Post by crusader on Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:29 pm

The last few iterations of the Althoff squad looked like a hoops team in cleats and a little Cirque du Soleil with all of those amazing athletes catching passes.

Not this year - this is a rough group that seems able to be polished, but I don't see them being as shiny. That does not mean they can't be as successful. Time will tell.

This team has a road grading O line - especially on the left ... with a left-handed QB who won't be throwing much. The junior is 6-2/220 and more of a runner.

Last night's 42-0 win was not a good test - I hope KC Helias is going to challenge them and punch them in the mouth a few times.

This team is young, but boy oh boy, the D might be special. Again, this was Collinsville and apparently, three of their top players were siphoned off via transfer, but the boys flew to the ball! They did give up a few long passes, but you're not running on them. Regarding those passes - the DB's besides J. Stong were tentative - unlike the D1-filled D backfield last year. Balls those guys picked and ran back were merely batted down last night. Did no harm - but they could have done damage had they made the picks. That's correctable.
What really impressed me was the rotations on D - they were bringing in guys in "meaningful minutes" at linebacker. The two sophomores LBs who got minutes were 6/2 and 215 with wheels and a nose for the ball. They played with reckless abandon!

Not not only is this a bog-boy, run-based team, they played smash-mouth D. Coach Schott, who gave color commentary, was damn-near giddy! (Schott was strictly Power I for 25 years and played linebacker/guard for the Broncos briefly.)

If they grow as a team, they will compete for 4A I think.


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