another CTE article

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another CTE article

Post by wilky on Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:16 pm

pretty damning stats, but we would obviously need more info.

what is the rate of the general public, the "control group"? if by the age of 70, 85% of the population had CTE in general then these numbers arent SO crazy.

what is the rate of CTE amongst the population who played non contact sports?

what is the CTE rate of other contact sports?

would surmise that boxing and say rugby are high or higher, but then basketball, baseball, golf, should be low in those who never had a head impact.

but 99% of a group is pretty damn convincing. but more damning is that 87% of all levels showed signs, which could suggest more that the impact is largely in the developing neurological stages (mainly thru HS), and is only worsened 12% by playing additional adult years(college and pro). which further lends itself that it is not necessarily a requirement to have a significant head trauma and or multiple head traumas, but that merely playing football repetively at sub concussion levels is still a huge risk factor for CTE. these are very bad results for football.

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Re: another CTE article

Post by OldTitan on Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:20 am

It is concerning. As you note there is much lacking.

All 111 former nfl players brains were donated because their respective families suspected they had CTE. In fact, all of the brain tissue donated to this study are from families who suspected the deceased had CTE. The researchers themselves admitted this led to "a certain amount of bias" - that is an understatement for sure.
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