IHSFBCA Clinic Reflections

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IHSFBCA Clinic Reflections

Post by OldTitan on Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:18 pm

1. The clinic seemed better attended this year.

2. Still not a big fan of the format, but I thought speakers did a decent job.

3. George Barnett from Miami of Ohio and Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern both did an outstanding job of getting substance into their talks.

4. For the first time in many years I went to a lot of high school coaches' talks about their programs. I am glad I did. I did not get a ton of ideas honestly, but it continued to affirm how fortunate I am in our situation. Considering the hurdles so many coaches around the state are facing -> I need to do a much better job with the inherent advantages we have.

5. Andrew Hayes-Stoker (U of I receivers coach) really did a nice job Thursday night. We kept him there talking until 10:30 PM. The exchanges between him and the Leonards were informative and amusing.
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Re: IHSFBCA Clinic Reflections

Post by Head Skin on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:09 pm

1. Agree on attendance.

2. I really, really dislike the current format. Too spread out and Friday morning is a complete waste of time. I still liked the Thursday evening/all day Friday format with the keynote speakers Saturday morning. Friday doesn't really have much until 1245pm.

3. Coach Fitzgerald and Appino were IMO the two best I saw. Got quite a few ideas from both of them.

4. I get much more from HS coaches than I do college. Just because college guys usually deal in a world away from the level I'll ever coach.
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Re: IHSFBCA Clinic Reflections

Post by 4-4 stack on Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:44 pm

Need a staff rate!! Had me and 2 asst. ($255). Then 1 night (2 rooms), $280 total. So spent over $500 for a day in a half worth of clinic. Getting pricey for 3 people. Went to 2 glazier clinics for less total money than that and got more speakers and times.

Been saying for last 10 years, that I feel sorry for guys that speak on Sat. morning. Been going since spring of 2000. Most people don't go (I do), but most don't. Guys spend a lot of time and prep and end up with 10 guys in the room total on sat morning.

Just think the format and times could change to make it more worth the presenters and guys that want to go listen to stuff, both time and money.

I appreciate all the people hard work to put it on and get it going, so don't get me wrong here. Very appreciative. Just think a cost and slight time/format adjustment be worth looking into.

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Re: IHSFBCA Clinic Reflections

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